2 Reasons Why You May Pay Extra for Your Skip Bin Hire

3 August 2017
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When it comes to ensuring efficient rubbish removal, homeowners and businesses across Australia know who to turn to for help — skip bin hire companies. Skip bin renters are usually expected to pay for their hire upon drop off of the ordered bin, and they will be issued with a tax invoice by the drivers at this time.

However, there are times when bin renters end up incurring extra charges when paying for service delivery. Keep reading on to find out why your skip bin service provider may charge you more than you had expected.

If you overload your bin.

Imagine if all skip bins came in one size — people with smaller quantities of waste would find the bins uneconomical to use, while those with larger quantities of waste to dispose of would need to hire multiple bins to remove their waste all at once. Skip bins come in different sizes so that renters can find a right-sized bin for their rubbish removal. Because there is a correct bin size for each job, overloading of bins is highly prohibited. Where the maximum load limit of a bin has been exceeded, extra charges will apply. This is because a larger truck will be required to safely haul away the bin.

Skip bins are measured in cubic metres, and each cubic metre (1 m³) of space is equivalent to one and a half (1.5) trailer loads. By estimating how many trailer loads of waste you need to dispose, you can know the exact bin size needed for your rubbish removal. The weight limit for equal sized bins vary depending on what materials you will be disposing. Generally speaking, bins for heavy materials like concrete, bricks and soil have lower weight limits compared to lightweight materials (materials with no concrete, bricks or soil).

If you extend your hire period.

Skip bin hire period for standard rubbish removal varies from company to company, but it typically includes only a few days. If you will need to keep your bin onsite for longer, the additional days will cost you extra. Because the additional days cost a premium, it is important that you evaluate your rubbish removal needs carefully so you can know the exact number of days you'll need to keep your bin.

As long as you don't surpass your hire period or overload your bin, then you can avoid paying more for your bin hire.