Qualities to look out for in an end-of-lease cleaning service

24 February 2017
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When vacating a house, you need to ensure you present it to your agents in the best possible condition. No matter how well you take care of the house, all your efforts are rendered useless if it is not clean or tidy enough. End-of-lease cleaning services take over all the cleaning work for you, thus allowing you to concentrate on packing and moving to your new place. When looking for an end-of-lease service, some of the qualities you need to look out for are:

Good experience

An experienced cleaning service is always a safe bet. When you engage a reputable cleaning service experienced in dealing with property managing companies and landlords, then you can rest assured that they know exactly what the market demands and how to achieve it. Experienced cleaning services have refined their cleaning checklists and are aware of all the critical areas that require extra attention during the exit cleaning process.

Bond back guarantee

The primary reason to ensure your old house is clean when vacating is so that you can get your bond money back. Therefore, keep an eye out for cleaning services that give you a 100% assurance of getting your bond back. Such services will ensure that everything is done to the satisfaction of your property agents. Bond back guarantees means that if your property owner is not fully satisfied with the cleanliness of a particular area of the place, the cleaning service will come back to fix it at no extra cost to you—all in a bid to ensure you secure your deposit money.

Professional carpet cleaning

Carpets are some of the trickiest areas when it comes to exit cleaning. When the soft floor has lost its softness or the carpet is stained and is no longer as vibrant as it was when you first moved in, regular cleaning might not help restore it. You need to employ a carpet cleaning service that offers specialised carpet cleaning, which includes sending experts who can analyse the carpets and figure out the way forward in regards to cleaning and restoring them to their original state.

Friendly rates

Finally, ensure that you find a service that offers competitive pricing to fit your budget. Moving houses brings with it several expenses; the last thing you want is a cleaning service that overcharges you. Ensure that all their cleaning products are well priced and within your spending limits.