Home Maintenance: Three Critical Considerations for Carpet Cleaner Selection

8 November 2017
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Proper cleaning and maintenance processes are essential for your carpeting. The upkeep practices will prolong the lifespan of your carpet, and the beauty of the covering will be preserved for longer. In ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced cleaning service to wash the carpeting. However, if this option is not favourable for your home, you can hire or purchase equipment for the task. Here are crucial considerations to help you choose an ideal carpet cleaner for your needs. 

Cleaner Type

There are different types of carpet cleaners to consider acquiring for your needs. You should evaluate the options and make detailed comparisons of the benefits and drawbacks before purchase or rental. If you are looking for a light-duty machine, you should consider picking up a vacuum cleaner. This equipment will suction dirt and use rotating brushes to agitate the pile for better results. This choice is inexpensive and accessible, but it is not useful for eliminating filth concealed beneath the pile.

Carpet shampoo machines are designed for deep cleaning with detergent. They are built primarily for residential use, so their sizes are manageable. In general, they use hot water, shampoo and suctioning power for cleaning. Steam cleaners are the most favoured for thorough cleaning of the carpeting. These machines use heated water to extract dirt beneath the carpet piles. Also, they sanitise the fabric for optimal hygiene. However, they can be challenging to handle and use without experience. 

Equipment Weight

When choosing your carpet cleaner, you should consider the weight of the product. Remember, you will have to move around your home during the cleaning process. If the machine is too weighty, you might sustain an injury and the cleaning results will not be ideal. Portable carpet cleaners are the easiest to handle for an individual because they are lightweight. However, they are not powerful enough for some applications. If you are interested in deep cleaning, look for self-propelled equipment. This option is particularly suitable if you want to get a steam cleaner which is naturally bulky.

Cleaner Features 

You should check out the features attached to your preferred carpet cleaning equipment. These additional specifications can determine the ease of use, especially for a beginner. You should consider the size of the water tank in the machine. A larger tank will limit the need to refill constantly, but it will make the cleaner bulkier. You should also evaluate the attachments provided because they determine carpet cleaning versatility. Other useful features include long hoses and cords and adjustable equipment height.