What Not to Put in a Rubbish Chute

22 June 2018
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Garbage chutes are a safe, convenient way to get rid of your waste, keeping it contained and out of the way. They also save you time, since you don't have to walk to the bins every time you want to get rid of some rubbish.

In order to keep your rubbish chute clean and working properly, however, it's important to know exactly how you should use it. In particular, there are certain types of rubbish that are best disposed of in other ways. Keep these things away from your rubbish chute, and you'll avoid any problems that need extensive cleaning or repairs.

Greasy, oily substances

Grease and oil aren't usually a problem in small quantities, but they can build up significantly over time. As this begins to happen, the chute will begin to develop a blockage, restricting how much you can fit down it and making it increasingly likely that it will become fully blocked. Grease and oil are also difficult to clean off, which can cause hygiene issues.

Because oil is flammable, it can also create a serious fire risk if it's lining the inside of a chute, which compromises safety.

Hazardous or damaging chemicals

There are plenty of chemicals used commonly that can be harmful if they come into contact with the skin, plus others that release toxic fumes. Anything that could be dangerous needs to be disposed of carefully and safely instead of being put into a rubbish chute.

Don't forget that some chemicals that aren't harmful to people can damage a rubbish chute. If you're in any doubt, don't use the chute to get rid of it—put it in a container and dispose of it in a safer manner.

Large pieces of rubble or other debris

It's not always easy to tell right away what will fit into a chute and what won't. Some larger pieces of rubbish will be pushed into the entrance of the chute, only to get stuck part of the way down, causing a difficult problem to resolve.

Unless something fits comfortably into the chute, leave it aside and put it in a bin later, or break it into smaller pieces if you can.

Wet paper or cardboard

When paper and cardboard gets wet, it quickly creates sticky clumps that will block and stick to a rubbish chute. Only use a chute for dry paper, or put wet paper into plastic bags before you throw it in.