Top 3 Carpet Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Make

25 February 2019
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A carpet provides many benefits that other forms of flooring do not. Carpeting reduces sound absorption and fatigue and lowers life cycle expenses. But, to get these benefits, you need to have a proper carpet maintenance program from the beginning. If you neglect proper maintenance, the look of your carpet will suffer, raise long-term expenses and shorten the carpet's lifespan. Below are common mistakes you should avoid when maintaining your carpets.

Cleaning an extremely dirty or dull carpet

A common mistake most homeowners make is waiting until the carpet is very dirty and dull before calling a carpet cleaner. It will be impossible for the cleaners to make it look as good as new.

A carpet collects dirt as well as airborne dust particles that accumulate over time. For most people, the right time to call the cleaners is when the carpet starts to smell or look extremely dirty. This is a bad move. Consider vacuuming the carpet regularly to get rid of the deeply accumulated dirt. Additionally, make sure the carpet is taken to a professional carpet cleaner so they can remove the stains, accumulated dust and any lurking microorganisms within your carpet. Cleaning the carpet regularly will improve the indoor air quality, revive the carpet's colour, prolong its lifespan and get rid of stains.

Assuming a carpet is dirty only when it has lots of stains

Although a carpet may seem lean to the eyes, it could be housing countless microorganisms and fine dirt particles. For instance, commercial carpets can have high amounts of fine dust particles (brought in by clothing, footwear and air conditioner vents), chemical residue and microorganisms such as fungus, dust mites and bacteria.

Although it's impossible to see airborne particles with the naked eye, exposing yourself to these air pollutants can cause skin and respiratory problems. This gets even worse if you suffer from chronic allergy-related ailments such as rhinitis, eczema and asthma.

Thinking all cleaning methods are suitable

Various carpet cleaning methods offer different results, due to the kind of cleaning technology used. While most wet carpet cleaning techniques offer satisfactory results, compound cleaning benefits surpass the conventional cleaning methods. Compound cleaning techniques deeply clean the carpet, effectively removing dirt, stains and microorganisms. This method doesn't need drying time, meaning it will be more convenient. A dry cleaning method also means your carpet will not have an unpleasant smell due to the inadequate drying time once it's cleaned with moisture.