3 Silent Dens of Germs and Bacteria You Never Thought About

25 July 2019
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You left the office cleaning task to your employees and assumed it's a cost-effective way to make it look sparkling clean. But wait a minute! Do you know that millions of germs are still hiding behind those 'clean-looking' surfaces? Office cleaning doesn't only involve wiping the dust and stains on the office surfaces — it also involves eliminating germs. An office isn't a healthy place for you and your employees if it's not germ-free. Most people assume that germs lurk only in the office kitchen bathroom and carpet, but they forget that millions of germs collect in some 'secret locations' they can hardly suspect. Here are three bacteria hot-spots that professional office cleaners can identify when cleaning your office.


Your employees grab the office phone without hesitation when it rings. Some of them grab it before they finish up their favourite sandwich or immediately after sneezing. Others pick up the phone while still wiping their dusty shoes or after greeting a client who just walked in. A big number of employees who pick up office phones don't clean their hands after the phone conversation. The bacteria left on the phone surfaces then easily get to your employees' nose, eyes and mouth and make them sick. Professional office cleaners understand this, and that's why they disinfect your office telephones.

Photocopiers, Scanners and Printers

Office workers touch the scanners, photocopiers and printers regularly, but they rarely clean and disinfect them. The shared technology you have in your office is a haven for innumerable bacteria and germs. Your employees press the buttons on the office equipment using different fingers, but they hardly think about the numerous bacteria and germ colonies that stick to their fingers by the time they are leaving the office. Most commercial office cleaners don't just wipe the dust on those buttons, but they also disinfect them to kill germs.

Door Handles

Your clients, visitors and employees touch your office's door handles a hundred times every day. No one cares to know where the clients or visitors were before they came into the office — whether from a public transport vehicle, loo, park, construction site or marketplace, among other unhygienic places. Many bacteria and germs will lurk on your door handles, and your employees will pick up thousands of them every time they close or open the office door. Some of them won't even wash their hands or use a hand sanitiser afterwards, and the germs end up in their body systems, making them sick.

Most unprofessional or casual office cleaners will not think about these germ hot-spots when cleaning your office. Although your office will look clean, you won't want to imagine the number of germs and bacteria that greet you every time you touch any of the above spots. The germs cause flu, colds and other illnesses that highly contribute to absenteeism and reduced productivity among your employees. Get commercial office cleaning services regularly and keep those uninvited 'guests' away.

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