Two reasons why steam-cleaning equipment is so effective at cleaning carpets

24 July 2023
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When it comes to carpet cleaning, it's no surprise that professionals use the highest-quality equipment to produce the best results. Here are two reasons why the carpet steam-cleaning machines used by professional cleaners are so effective at cleaning carpets.

The heat of the steam can tackle the toughest forms of grime

One reason why this equipment is so effective is that the heat generated by the steam the equipment produces can effectively tackle all types of grime in the carpet. The high heat is great at removing built-up grease from carpets, as it can soften multiple layers of oil-based stains very rapidly. This then allows the detergent within the equipment to wash the greasy areas more effectively. Furthermore, because the heat, in and of itself, can soften built-up grease so well, those operating the equipment can often use less detergent to wash away these stains. This, in turn, can minimise the risk of the strong detergent causing the carpet colours to fade slightly (especially in properties where the carpets need to be washed very frequently).

The heat is also excellent at removing non-greasy dried-on stains, without damaging the carpet fibres. When people try to remove these types of dry, encrusted stains from a carpet without a steam cleaner, their only option is to scrub the carpet very forcefully. However, this can leave the carpet fibres frayed and worn out. Conversely, when a cleaner uses steam-cleaning equipment on dried-on stains, the steam mixes with the encrusted debris, giving the previously solid, crispy debris a more liquid consistency and thus making it much easier to extract without causing harm to the carpet.

Carpet steam cleaners use pressurised water

Another reason why steam-cleaning equipment is so effective and is used by so many professional cleaners is that it uses pressurised water. Because the steam is pushed into the carpet fibres with a lot of pressure, it can reach and soften the debris that's not only on the outer surfaces of each fibre strand but also the dirt that's hidden inside each fibre strand. The pressurised water can also mechanically push dirt from the base of the carpet up to its top layer.

When the equipment's suction feature is then used, far more debris is removed from the carpet than if it were manually washed with a scrubbing brush and detergent or vacuumed with a wet-dry vacuum. The removal of this trapped, hidden debris can not only resolve stubborn odours and stain-related discolouration but can also make the carpet's colours look richer and more vibrant (as dirt can make carpets have a duller appearance), as they did when they were first installed.

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